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Once you've started browsing through Fetery Catalogue, you may notice that a product's wholesale pricing isn’t shown and shop pages, as well as product pages, are restricted. 

That's because to view wholesale pricing and place orders on Fetery, you must become a Verified Buyer. Only B2B transactions are allowed on Fetery as one of our goals is to create a safe place for European makers to sell wholesale.

step 1

Sign Up and let us know - you are ready to place orders on Fetery Marketplace

Please fill out the simple form and we’ll approve you as a buyer as soon as possible.

Our team will be reviewing and verifying new Buyers each and every business day

(so you should typically hear back within 24 hours)


step 2

Browse Fetery catalog and find new merchandise for your shop

1. The first option is to look at our Catalogue of brands:

2. You can also browse brands by country

Fetery is a community of independent makers and each of them has different wholesale terms set. You can see this info in each shop under the main banner:

You can see their minimum initial order and re-order limits, average production time and shipping cost and also if the business is VAT registered or not.

In each listing you have:

  1. A link to the maker’s shop (just under the ADD TO CART button)

  2. A read heart on the image that will save this item to your Wishlist. You can find your wishlist in My profile menu.

3. Also, for your convenience, there is a minimum initial order for this particular maker, suggested retail price and production time for this item. 


step 3

Order prosess

We are still working on improving our process, and at the moment you can’t see the maker’s name you are buying from in your cart. So, when you are ready to place the order, we suggest you place a separate one for each maker you want to buy from. This way it will be easier to make sure you have met the minimum for the maker.

Delivery charges won’t be added at this moment, they will be provided by the seller upon confirming the order. You also don’t have to pay the order before it’s confirmed by the maker.


step 4

Get invoice and pay for your order

Once your order is submitted:

Maker has seven days to accept or reject the order.

Once accepted the order, maker provides delivery cost, ship-by date and invoice.

You’ll be able to pay the order via SEPA transfer or PayPal. The order should be paid by the ship-by date. 

Fetery is a community of small independent makers and at the moment we don’t suggest our makers to offer NET payment terms. Once the relationship between you and a particular maker are established, the maker might agree to offer NET14, NET30 or NET60 payment terms.


If you place an order for a few makers’ items at once, we’ll confirm if you met the minimums for each maker and you will receive a separate invoice from each of the makers too.

Please feel free to ask questions at


Fetery team