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4 Reasons to Grow Your Wholesale Business here

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We will create a beautiful wholesale storefront for you, showcase your products to qualified retailers from all over Europe and handle your sales while you rest, or invent new products!

Grow your business
starting small or big

We have no min or max limit on the number of products and we also welcome limited quantity collections

Sell EU wide with
no additional work

No need to study the regulations and VAT rules for each country you get an order from. We set personal terms with each seller, and we’ll make the invoicing process as easy as possible

No monthly fee,
no listing fee

No limits on products quantity, no contracts or startup costs. You set your own terms and only pay us 15% when you get paid!

Our Fees

no setup fees

no monthly subscription

no listing fees

Pay 15% when you get paid

- we don't take a fee from the shipping costs -

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Shop: Son de Flor, LithuaniaShop: Son de Flor, Lithuania