Lisboa, Portugal

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The word on the VoodooDoll tags are merely illustrative. You can choose any VoodooDoll you want and personalize the tag with the word you choose. For example, if you like the Voodoo Doll with the word Sadness on it, you can choose that one and then personalize it with the word Stress. The word will be handwritten. You also have the option to leave the tag blank.
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Elisa Relvas

Lisboa, Portugal

Hi, My name is Elisa..

I have always been a person with a strong sense of humour. A world without laughter would not make any sense to me.

The abilitie of laughing even trough most troubled times has turned to be a very powerful skill I use in my life.

The idea for these Emotional Support Voodoo Doll Fridge Magnets came very naturally to me. From that moment to starting their creation was a very small and amusing step.

If, while browsing my shop you are frowning instead of smiling, you are not in the right place. Many people feel offended by my creations but in fact, I could easily be seen as an alternative and reactive therapist and solutionist!